iPad For Homework?

Since I am a kid, and I write this blog for kids, I thought this would be a relevant topic to post.

Earlier this week, I had a lot of homework one night, and a couple of events to go to. The big part of my homework was writing a five paragraph essay about a project we just finished. Since I had to go somewhere, I couldn’t use my home computer and my iBook G4’s battery is dead, so it has to be plugged in. My solution? I borrowed my mom’s iPad and wrote the essay in Pages. So, the point of this post is to discuss the usability of an iPad for something useful, like homework.

Getting started was easy. I opened up Pages and created a new document. Formatting was pretty easy using the built-in styles. Use a Title style for the title and a Body style for the paragraphs. Typing was also mostly easy. I couldn’t type really fast, but I can’t type really fast on a regular keyboard either. So, for writing a document, I would say it is pretty good.

Now, for printing. Since the iPad has no way of printing directly, I tried to email it to myself. The iPad has a WiFi bug, so it wouldn’t email. I tried hooking it up to my dad’s computer, and we finally got the file off. There are two things to remember when transferring a file from an iPad to a Mac.

• First, you must first export the file on the iPad. When you start up Pages, you will see the document chooser. Swipe to show the correct document, and tap the little arrow. Select export.

• Second, once you export it, you can hook the iPad up. To find the file, go to the Applications tab of the iPad in iTunes. Scroll down to the File Sharing section.

Hope this helps, and yes, I do think the iPad could be useful for homework.


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